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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Water Ripples

A fun thing that photographer's often do, is throw a rock into a pond and photograph the circular ripples. I often times do this when there is calm water with colorful Fall reflections. This little pond in NH had a layer of fog above the water. Here is the result of a rock being thrown into the water to make ripples. This is one of those images that can make the viewer pause and wonder what they are actually viewing.


  1. Very well envisioned, executed and photographed, Carol. Love the thought process here.

    1. Thank you very much Kerry. Although I have to admit, it was my friends idea to throw the rock this time.

  2. I keep thinking I love one of your photos the best. And then, up pops a new, even more beautiful one. I love the textures and layers and colors and everything about it.