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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Rocky Gorge Kancamagus Highway NH

The water levels in Northern New England are lower than normal, although they are not in a severe drought situation, as we are here in SE MA. This lower water level was very noticeable on my recent trip to The Kancamagus Highway in NH. One of the places we stopped to photograph was The Rocky Gorge. This low water level allowed very easy access to walk out across the granite slabs, without having to maneuver around running water. However, it also limited the photo ops.

This is the main fall at Rocky Gorge:


  1. There's a familiar spot (I visited this location twice when I was in the area). Not surprisingly, water levels were pretty low when I was there too and I found it difficult to gain a pleasing perspective on the main fall.

    Nice job finding something that worked.

    1. Thank you Kerry. Hopefully next time you come to New England (if there is a next time) the water level will be higher.

  2. The texture of the rocks against the trees with the rays of sun shinning down is a beautiful photograph.