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Monday, October 17, 2016

Lake Willoughby, Westmore VT

If you are a faithful follower here on the blog, then I'm sure you have seen photos taken at Lake Willoughby posted here in the past. If you are a newcomer to the blog.......Welcome!

Lake Willoughby is a beautiful glacial formed lake, and it is also the deepest lake in Vermont. It's a favorite of mine and I have shot it in every season. Last week I made a few visits to this lake. The first visit was on a dreary, on and off drizzly day. This was taken at the South end of the lake.

A few days later I went back for another visit. This time it was a beautiful blue sky day. This is a bit of a different perspective of the lake, taken from one of the side roads off Rte 5A which follows the lake shore from North to South (Or South to North depending on which direction you are traveling.)


  1. There's a familiar sight (the first image). I haven't yet looked at my images from that day...and I did stop at Lake Willoughby again, when the conditions were a little bit different than what we encountered on Oct. 3.

  2. You're correct again Kerry. You were with me when I shot that first image on Oct 3rd. That was the day the black cloud of light rain kept following us around. :-) I hope you had a successful photo shoot on your return trip to Willoughby. Hope to see your photos when you get them procesed.