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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Winter Swim

This was taken yesterday morning at Wompatuck Pond In Hanson MA. What drew me to the scene was the one tree with the golden yellow foliage. (I've seen other trees like this that make a winter scene look almost Fall-like.......not sure but think it's a Willow Tree.) So, as I was photographing this tree across the pond from where I stood, this pair of ducks came swimming by. This is just what was needed to make this scene complete.


  1. Wonderfully peaceful and atmospheric. Glad to see you have some snow at last :)

    Carol, is your email address still the sae? I sent you an email a few times, and am not sure you received it.

    Keep warm


  2. If it's changed please send me an email from your new address and I'll resend mine.

    I went thorugh your blog and really enjoyed it.