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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Saturday Morning

We had an amazing weekend. How about you? I hope you got out to enjoy this beautiful weather. I'm really tired tonight.....let's get right to it!
The drive up to VT Saturday morning was beautiful. We left here at 5 am. We hit some beautiful fog in NH on the drive up. I particularly liked the play of fog and light along the back of Cannon we pulled off into a trailhead parking are so I could take a few shots:

We arrived at the Barton house at 9am. Out friends Heather and Patrick and their 2 boys joined us for the weekend....they arrived about an hour after us. The weather was divine. It wasn't as warm as remained in the 50's all day, but the sun was bright and warm and their was virtually no wind. We spent the entire rest of the day outdoors. Here's a few shots I got at Lake Willoughby:

The water was so still and smooth and crystal clear.....great for reflections.

Here's James playing in the water

What an amazing March morning in Vermont.
Will post 2 blogs tomorrow night to catch up for the day I missed this weekend. I have lots more to share with you.

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