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Monday, March 19, 2012

A drop in the bucket

Day 362/365
It's Sugar Time In Vermont!!!!!
The trees have been tapped and the sap is running. It's not a good season for maple syrup production due to the warm temperatures this year. I will write more about this on tomorrow night's blog.
After we photographed the sunrise Sunday morning, we headed to Shadow Lake Road in Glover, where we found these tapped maple trees. I was a very happy girl. We had a great morning.

Thank you Mr. Farmer for parking this old truck here. :-)

This road (yes, this really is a road) was lined with sap buckets.

After this, we headed back to the house for a pancake breakfast served with freshy canned Maple Syrup.
I posted 2 blogs tonight to make up for the one I missed this weekend, so please be sure to scroll down and see where we photographed the sunrise on this day.


  1. LOVE maple syrup! In fact so much that when we travel, we bring tiny bottles of it because many breakfast places only serve the fake stuff. Yuck. Wierd to see snow when it has been in the upper 70's here...

  2. Hi Tracy. GREAT IDEA to bring the real stuff while traveling. I will do the same now. I won't order it in a restaurant if I know it's the fake stuff. YUCK! Yes. I was surprised to ee a little snow up there as well, because the temps up there have also been mild. I actually went into the woods on a trail at Lake Willoughby and the snow was up to my knees in the woods!!!