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Saturday, March 26, 2011


Day 3/Year 2
Second guessing myself, with a possible regret about this photo. This was shot on that cold cold day that Diane and I went to Rhode Island to photograph farms for my Camera Club Portfolio Project. The theme I chose for my Portfolio Project is "Family Farms of New England". I LOVE the idea of this shot. I LOVE the whimsy. I LOVE how it portrays life on the family farm.......a calf and a barn perfect! Only thing I don't love is the quality of this shot. I like it, but not sure I love it. The project will be judged on the quality of the photos. We were supposed to submit 12 images......the best of the best. The project has been submitted without this photo. There's no turning back. I hope I made the right decision of keeping it out. I agonized over this project and put a lot of pressure on myself. This was supposed to be fun! :-)
I have a cold and just didn't feel like going out shooting today after work. How liberating these second year rules that I set for myself are!!! It's great to dig into my files and pull out an older photo to post, on a day like today where I am a little under the weather. This photo didn't make the project, but I'm happy to share it here on the blog. Hope it put a smile on your face!
The Specs:
Nikon D90, 18-200 mm lens, ISO 640, 1/60, f4.8

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