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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday

It was a quick and easy visit to get Ashes today. One of the churches in Weymouth (my parents town) was offering Ashes for 24 hours straight. Yes, that's right. The Catholic Church has joined the drive thru frame of mind. wasn't a drive through, but it was almost as easy.......Walk right in, kneel down and say a few prayers (if you chose to do so), get your're in you're out. Well, that is if you didn't stop in the back of the church with your cell phone in your hand, indiscriminately taking a photo of the candles. Nobody noticed me. I checked to be sure. I'm getting good at this. I think I'd make a good secret agent working for the government. The CIA. Or the FBI. 
Okay, back to reality. It really was convenient, especially for my parents. It would have been a lot for my Dad to sit through a service. He's still pretty weak....but he's doing quite well.
The Specs: 
As noted, this was taken with my cell phone. I used the Poster Edge Filter in Photoshop, to give a little bit of an artsy look.


  1. I hope you said a prayer for things to get back to normal at work. Well, quieting down would be nice!

  2. Ha! You're right. That certainly is a prayer we need to be answered! I take it you must have worked today. I had a wonderful day off. I'll see you Saturday....bright and early! Fingers crossed it will be a good weekend.