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Friday, October 29, 2010

What a bunch of good spirits! :-)

Halloween came just a bit early at the hospital today!!!!!!!!!!!
Starring in the role of Chubaka is my friend Matty. (This is not his first appearance here on the blog :-)) Matt is a sweetie and there is a story behind his Chubaka role (chewy) but we will keep that story between us LOL. Following Matt, is my very good friend Marlene who is starring in the role of a cowgirl. Giddyup Marlene.........I think Kenny Chesney is waiting for you *wink* *wink* :-) Next to Marlene is one of the newest members of our team......starring as a crab......but let me tell you.....she is no crab at all and she is a pleasure to work Robbie. Next to Robbie is my friend Mary who is starring as the one and only Lois Griffin from the family guy. Mary has a smile that will light up the world, and that smile lights up the faces of all of her patients on a daily basis! Last but not least is Ashley, starring as the role of a witch. Ashley is just too adorable for words, and she makes the cutest witch ever!!!!!!!!
Thanks guys for allowing me to put you up as my photo of the day today. I consider myself lucky to work with you all. :-)

I'd like to take a moment to give special thanks to a few more people. First off, to my son N for allowing me unlimited use of his laptop while I waited to get my other one replaced.
I also want to thank my good friend Patrick for installing Photoshop CS3 into my new laptop for me.
Yes.........I am back in business!!!! I hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween weekend.


  1. Carol thanks for taking this pic of us and making it the photo of the day and allowing me to have another appearce on this super awesome blogspot...and many more !!! :) haha, anyways have a happy and safe halloween and chewy will see you monday morning!

    Love, Matty In The Morning XOXXOXOXOXOXOX

  2. Thanks Chewey!!!!!!! Love yah! See you Monday.