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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thelma and Louise Day 2 Adventures

Had a great nights sleep last night. Woke up before dawn and headed put to start my day of photography. Louise slept in,,,,,she is not a photographer, so therefore not an early riser. This is one of the photos I took of Bragg Hill Farm. I spent about an hour shooting here. It's a wonderful spot and the views are breathtaking,
From here, I went back down to Waitsfield Village, where I shot a church scene with the mountains behind it. I had to go out in a field behind the church to get the shot.

I was soaken from my hiking shoes up to my knees,:-) I then came back here to the inn to change my clothes, and have some delicious breakfast. Our friend bm picked us up here at 9:30 (by this time Louise was awoken, fed, and refreshed :-).....the 3 of us headed ut for a wonderful day. I took lots of pictures. One place in particular that we stopped at was Moss Glen Falls:

It was a beautiful sight today. The falls were really rushing from all of the recent rains of last week,
Tomorrow the weather is looking iffy.........but nothing's gonna stop Thelma and Louise from having another action packed day. Stay tuned for tomorrow nights blog. :-)

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