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Friday, October 22, 2010

Just a punkin'

The hospital holds a yearly pumpkin decorating contest. Today, the pumpkins were picked up by all of the participants. There were several leftovers, which the employees in my dept. could take home. I took this crooked pumpkin and left the better ones for those people who may want to carve. I have other plans for mine. Stay tuned.........hopefully you'll see what I do with it within the next week here on the blog.

Todays BONUS PHOTO from VT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This photo is dedicated to my friend Al from Minnesota, because it makes me think of him. No....he's not a cow!! :-) He is a very talented photographer and there are several things that I know he likes to photograph. One thing he likes is "layers". This shot has several different "natural" layers in it....obviously the cow in the filed is layer one.....then the lower level foliage lit by the sun.......then the mid section of the mountain behind in shadow, then the upper part of the mountain lit by the sun, then the final level is the sky. 
Come to think of it, Al has given me his "top 5" list of my VT photos, and this one didn't make his top 5 list. Hmmmmmm.......maybe I'm seeing something that he isn't? I'm sure he'll be reading this at some point, as I know he visits here. I'll be expecting an email. :-) Anyways, thanks Al for helping me to "see" things in a new way!!!!!


  1. Carol, you are right. There are a lot of things I like about this photo. The layers give it a three dimensional feel. In fact, there is even one more layer and that one is the shadows in the foreground.

    I also like the placement of the cow in the picture. I showed your photo to Lynne and she loved it, especially because of the cow. Technically, this is a very good photo.

    Maybe the fact that I grew up in Wisconsin and I saw cows everywhere all the time makes the cow less interesting to me than it does to you and your CT friend. It's like showing someone who lives in the desert, a great picture of a bucket of sand. Lynne is also a Wisconsinite. Maybe your cow brought back fonder memories for her than they did for me.

    When I look back at my top five selections, one was of a Vermont church, another of a maple canopy, a waterfall, some sheep and a pond with great foliage and a beautiful reflection.... none of which we had in Wisconsin. We've got some waterfalls in Minnesota but our country churches are surrounded by corn fields rather than maple trees.

    As I think about it, my top five consisted of photos where I really liked the subject. Since they were all technically good, the subject carried the day.

    Carol, I always enjoy your work and I stop by here regularly. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Hi Al,
    Thanks so much for all the comments. I love to learn from you! Please tell Lynne I said hello.....and I'm glad she really liked this shot! :-)