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Monday, October 4, 2010

The adventures of Thelma and Louise Day one

I kissed Mr S goodbye at 10:15 this morning, and left him at our VT house and drove an hour and a half to Waitsfield VT, where I have met up with my good friend Luv2BNVT who is a regular commenter here on my blog. Our identities for this week have been changed. I am now known as Thelma, and she is now known as Louise.
Day one started with meeting another friend bm, for lunch here in Waitsfield. We then took a very scenic drive around the area:

The room here at the inn is gorgeous. I'll take a picture of it to show you another day this week. I am exhausted right now and am laying in a beautiful comfy bed as I'm blogging this tonight. Gotta go get some beauty sleep. I will be uo before sunrise tomorrow to get out and take some morning shots. We have a very full day planned for tomorrow. Stay tuned to see and hear about it tomorrow night here on my blog.
Sweet Autumn Dreams!


  1. Beautiful colors Carol, I mean Thelma. You must be in your glory! Enjoy the rest of your adventure.

    PS Can't wait to see your comfy accommodations