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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Practicing Panning

Jay was a willing subject for me after school today to practice the technique of panning. This was my very first time trying to do this. It's a technique that requires practice, so I am planning on getting better results as I get more practice, but here is my first attempt!
The basic idea with panning is that you pan the camera along with a moving subject, using a slow shutter speed, and end up getting a sharp subject with a blurred background.
Thanks Jay for the back to back appearances here on the blog! :-)
The specs:
Nikon D90, 18-200 mm lens, ISO 200, 1/15, f29, -2/3 ev


  1. I do believe on May 8th you posted that the skate board was "our of service" for EIGHT weeks! I may not be the best at math but I am pretty sure it has only been 4 weeks. Shouldn't he be inside doing homework or something ; )

  2. We're BUSTED!!!!! Darn it.......I was hoping nobody would check the previous date (LOL). Jay rationalized it for me.......the Dr ACTUALLY said no sports for 6-8 weeks......he was sick for 2 and a half weeks before he was even he counted those 2 weeks plus the 4 weeks equals 6 weeks. :-) Seriously, there were no tricks performed and no possibility of injury. He "prmoised" me his spleen would not burst all over the driveway. :-) Thank God he's feeling all better and has his energy back! We're still keeping a close eye on him and limiting his activities.

  3. Glad he's on the mend! And I think that's a great panning shot!

  4. Thanks so much Chris. Next time I will have to watch my exposure more carefully.....I didn't do a good job controlling the highlights. I hope to post more panning shots sometime soon.

  5. Not bad for a first try!

    One thing to watch out for is how fast you pan. If you notice, with the lines in the background, he actually appears as though he is travelling backwards! This indicates to me that you panned faster than he was travelling. The blur should be behind him. Try different shutter speeds and also, it helps to start the motion before hitting the shutter.

  6. I REALLY appreciate your helpful tips and suggestions. I want to get better at this, so my next try, I will certainly give it a go keeping your suggestions in mind.