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Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's Chrome Alright

I worked today and went out to run some errands after dinner, figuring I'd get today's photo of the day while I was out on such a beautiful early evening. I came home totally deflated.......I couldn't come up with anything to photograph. I pulled in the driveway behind Mr S's pickup truck, and low and behold, I found my photo op in the bumper of his pick up truck! It's's's beautiful chrome! And the way the lighting was this evening, it was giving some wonderful reflections. What you are looking at is a reflection of my driveway, my vehicle, and the neighbors house and fence across the street. The tree on the left that is illuminated by the setting sun sits on my front lawn.
"Chrome, She can see herself In the shiny grill..........Chrome,I said hey little girl you sure look nice Do you wanna ride, I won't bite, she climbs inside Says hell no, I want to drive ............It's chrome alright Shiny,nice polished Chrome, Chrome ..............Her favorite color That girl is all about chrome She sure loves chrome"
Lyrics by Trace Adkins
The Specs:
Pansaonic LX3, ISO 200, 1/500, f2.8, -1/3 ev

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