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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Grandma" For A Day!

I had such a fun afternoon! This photo is of my buddy James. James and his family moved to the house next door to us from California and soon became not only our neighbors, but part of our family. James and his brother Eric are very lucky boys because they have 2 sets of grandparents who love them sooooo much. There may be hundreds of miles seperating them, but it's heartwarming to see the closeness they have despite the miles.

James' 3rd grade class is celebrating Grandparents week this week in school. Each child can invite their grandparents to come into school for lunch. Well, since logistics prevented his grandparents from attending this event............James felt the next best thing would be to invite ME! I had some very big shoes to fill, and although I could never replace the space in his heart that James holds for "the real thing", it was a pleasure and honor for me to be his honorary Grandma for the day! :-) We had a wonderful lunch in the school cafeteria, then we went back to his classroom for a visit and he gave me a gift that he made......for me and Mr. S to share. It's a bookmark that was colored so neatly by James with love!!!! :-) Thank you James for inviting me. I had a ball! :-)

On my way home, I decided to take a ride through town and check out the pond and see if any of my feathered friends were around. There wasn't much action going on today, so I went to my next stop on my usual "photo op loop" through town, which is the cemetery. There's a pretty little pond where the wildlife like to hang out. It's pretty quiet down there and I think they enjoy the peace and quiet. That is, until the annoying lady with the camera shows up...... :-). Take a look at who's back in town after vacationing down South for the winter. I've been going through here for the past month looking to see if he's back and I found him today!
Of course he flew away after I took a few shots, but I was happy to see him, nonetheless.
                                           The Specs for the shot of James:
                                Nikon D90, 18-200 mm lens, ISO 400, 1/50, f4.8
                                          The Specs for the Great Blue Heron shot:
                                Nikon D90, 18-200 mm lens, ISO 200, 1/400, f5.6
    Happy Grandparents week to any Grandparents who may be reading this!!!!! :-)


  1. Carol, Thank you for sending the wonderful picture of James. If I couldn't be there for grandparents day I couldn't think of anyone better. I know you care so much for my family and I am glad you and Steven are there for them.
    Best wishes to all of you. Trina

  2. Hi Trina!! It's so great to see you here and I'm thrilled that you like the photo of James. He is such a sweet and special little guy. I just love him!! Like I said, I had some really big shoes to fill, and I was honored to stand in for both of his grandmas! I look forward to seeing you during your upcoming visit!!