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Friday, April 30, 2021

Halifax MA Springtime

 Each time I've passed by the Halifax Congregational Church and Town Hall, I've always made a mental note that I should stop there some time with my camera. The other day I was home thinking about somewhere to go to take some Spring photos and I remembered this location.

I first went around back where there is a beautiful old cemetery. 

 With the 11-16 mm wide lens on my camera, I got down as low as possible (actually positioned my camera on my sneaker) to get the dandelions in the forefront of this shot.

I then went out front and shot this one from the same low perspective. I wanted to give the dandelions some prominence in the scene, as I wanted to capture the feeling of Springtime.

And one more low perspective 

Here is the town hall which is adjacent to the church

Hoping to get out this weekend with my camera to capture some more Spring photos of New England. I hope you enjoy your weekend as well!


  1. You are such a quintessential New England photographer, Carol. These images really talk of New England. I especially love the dandelions and thank you for explaining how you captured this photo.

  2. Lovely compositions of spring.