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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Travel Tuesday

******TRAVEL TUESDAY******

Day five of our Ireland trip...... we checked out of our Galway Penthouse and made our way South to Killarney, where we would be spending the next three nights.

Our first stop was to visit the ruins of Kilmacduagh Monastery, which is a ruined abbey located near the town of Gort in County Galway. The monestary was founded in the early 7th century.

We then stopped in Limerick to photograph King John's Castle:

We then stopped for a few hours to walk around the beautiful village of Adare.

The Holy Trinity Abbey:

And we visited the thatched roof shops:

We then arrived at our next rental home in Killarney, located on the road that leads to the Gap of Dunloe.

View from the house:

Kate Kearney's Cottage is a restaurant/pub located within a 2 minute walk from our rental house. We ate here all three nights. The food was delicious and there was live Irish music playing two out of the three nights.

Lovely evening light across the street from our rental home:

The next day some of us took carriage rides through the Gap of Dunloe, and others in our group hiked. I took a carriage ride. :-) It was so much fun and such a beautiful place.

Image taken by my cousin MaryCatherine:

That evening some of us went to an Irish music/stepdance show at the Killarney Avenue Hotel. Here are Miss J and I going into the show: (Image taken by Dave Gale)

It was a fun show to see. I fell in love with the Killarney area and the Gap of Dunloe. I know it sounds familiar, but I honestly loved everyplace we visited in Ireland. 


  1. Thanks for continuing to share. I'm still waiting for the surprise. And I'm so happy you took so many photos with your phone. Hugs!

    1. Thanks Muffy. I’m glad I used my phone so much too. The surprise will be revealed soon 😁

  2. Gorgeous images Carol. I'm really enjoying my trip to Ireland through your images.

  3. Nice pictures. It sure says Ireland.

  4. Looks like a fun trip. My favorite area of Ireland is in the Southwest & west coast