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Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Road To Saquish, Duxbury MA

As you can see from a few of my recent blog posts, I've recently been spending some time photographing in Duxbury MA. The reason for this is because I've been looking out for a Snowy Owl to photograph. Haven't found one....yet......this year, but I'm determined to eventually find one. In the meantime, I've photographed a few other birds and some landscapes etc.

Yesterday we got a few beautiful inches of snow here in SE MA, so I went down to Duxbury in the late afternoon. I still didn't find any owls, but the recent snowfall combined with some beautiful late day skies, provided me an opportunity to make some landscapes images.

Snowy Owls reside in the desolate land in the Arctic throughout most of the year, but in the Winter they travel South to live in wide open spaces that remind them of their home in the Arctic Tundra. The owls that reside in Duxbury Beach typically fly to Logan Airport in Boston each year, and are caught and relocated to places such as Duxbury Beach, where it is a safer place for both the owls and the air traffic at the airport. 

This image gives you a good example of the wide open spaces near Duxbury Beach that remind the owls of their "home" environment.


  1. Beautiful photographs

    The first time I saw a snowy owl it was flying only few yards above me, appearing up over a roof, quiet and quite majestic. I think it was as surprised to see me as I it. Alas, it didn't drop me any mail. :)

  2. Hi May. It mus have been so exciting to unexpectedly see the snowy owl. I love that story! I have seen and photographed a snowy only far! It was about three years ago in the same area that I am searching this Winter.