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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Red Winged Blackbirds

A few weeks ago I went to visit one of my favorite "hidden" spots where I like to photograph the birds, swans, and the like. It was eerily quiet......only the occasional sound of a sparrow singing or a Blackbird chirping. 

Yesterday I returned to this spot and it was a flurry of noise and activity. The Red Winged Blackbirds had arrived for the season and their high pitched shrill and flute like sounds were undeniable. There was a lot of singing and chirping for the songbirds and blackbirds. I spotted a swan off in the distance and I believe she was nesting. It was difficult to tell if she was on a nest or just resting in the wetlands. She was behind the cat o nine tails, the tall reeds, and the tall grasses.......but I believe she was probably sitting on a nest. There was a second swan swimming through the wetlands nearby.

It was nice to see that the Red Winged Blackbirds have arrived. Here's a few images I got of them singing.

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