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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bless the little children!!

The recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown CT has left a profound impact on all of us and I'm sure will change America forever. I pray for all of the families who have been devastated and hope that the love of their families, their community, and their nation will help them to get through this holiday season.
How blessed was I to spend some time this morning with our great niece, Mckenna, who is up visiting from South Carolina. Each time Mckenna has visited over the past few years, I have put her up on the blog and shown her off to all of you.
She is perfection in every way. There is no doubt about it. It's amazing to see how much she has grown, and her little personality is showing through. She's a little well mannered, and so well behaved. Kudos to Shantal and Brandon for being such wonderful parents. :-0) Mckenna is very bashful, but she warmed up to us after a while. So much in fact that she made her way over to an empty booth in the restaurant where we were gathered for breakfast this morning, and was having fun with the reflections in the mirror.

This is what Christmas is all about!!!! I wish you a very merry Christmas.
Peace and love,


  1. Oh Auntie Carol that brought a tear to my eye.... Thank you so much for your kind words about our little girl! You truly have such a talent to be able to get such wonderful pictures with just a couple of clicks! It usually take me 100 shots to get one good picture. It was such a blessing to all get together, we definetly cherished the short time we had. We will miss you all for Christmas, but look forward to when we can all be together again! Love you! -Shantal

  2. This post put smile on my face :)