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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Pre Dawn Duxbury MA

Hello! Sorry for my absence. I'm beginning to feel better and hope to get out with my camera soon. Haven't done any shooting in quite a while and I miss it. Today I will share with you a photo that I took in Duxbury MA on Valentine's morning before sunrise.

I really hope all is well with you and hope to be posting more often.


  1. Prayers you are feeling better, and are out of harms way for the snow storm in the forecast.

  2. Thank you so much May. Yes, I am feeling much better. Waiting for an appointment to see a specialist but all in all I'm doing a lot better. We only got six quick inches here this morning, and then it changed to sleet and then rain. So we have quite a slushy mess right now but it's going to hard freeze tonight so the morning should be interesting around her. How did you make out in your area?

  3. There's a huge snowdrift in front of my patio door that looks to be over 3 feet deep. In the front, there's drifts that deep as well. The front door is clear from the long snow drift. I say we got close to the 18 inches forecast. Gentle snow falling without the howling wind at this time.
    Drive Safe and stay warm!