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Friday, May 20, 2016


They say when one door closes, another one opens. Ironically, that really does tend to happen......and it happened to me this week. As I wrote in yesterdays blog post, I have been so sad about the loss of the local swans eggs. But Mother Nature has blessed me in another wonderful way. There is a fox den in the woods right behind my house!!! We have three baby kits and at least one adult. I'm not sure if it's Mom or Dad that I have been seeing.....but I know it's the same fox because the poor thing has an infection in it's left eye.

Here is the adult last night after a successful hunt......a Gray Catbird in it's mouth!

The Kits are so adorable and playful. They have been playing in the same immediate area right behind my I assume that is where the den is located. I shot all of these photos while on my deck.

I'm looking forward to the kits coming further out of the woods so that I can get some closer shots.

Here is the adult this morning around 9:30 in my backyard.

Stopped twice to look at me and then went off on it's merry way.

I'm heading back outside to the deck right now with my camera.

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