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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Abington Swan Nest 2016

Some sad news. The swan nest at Island Grove in Abington has been compromised by a human. The eggs are no longer viable and the swans have abandoned the nest and eggs. It's a very sad issue in so many ways. The person who I believe did this suffers from mental health problems.
Here are a few images I have recently taken.

Sitting on this years nest

Another day sitting on the new nest. Notice all of the bread and corn that has been placed there. It is harmful to the swans (the bread) but it is not illegal. So sad.

Here are the eggs that were taken from this years nest....these are sitting on last years nest.

Here are the very same eggs, one day later, sitting on this years nest which is about 100 feet up the pond away from last years nest. This is a cell phone image.

I hope you are following this. It's like "Who's on First"? Mind boggling that someone would do this. I pray that the person responsible for this gets the mental health care that they need. 

Final image is Mama taking a swim. I can't help but think that she looks sad. I know I am.


  1. Very sad news. I understand your anger. However, I wouldn't focus on blaming mental illness. There are plenty of us that would never do that to a nest. Being mean isn't a mental illness. It could also be a person that has no clue to leave eggs alone.

    I hope they put up signs up not to tamper with wildlife nests.

  2. Hi Maywyn. hank you for your comments. Yes, this person is mentally ill.She has a sick obsession with the swans. This has been ongoing for several years with her and the swans. The environmental police and local police have been notified about her, and there is nothing they can do because swans are an invasive species and are not protected. It's just an all around sad situation on so many levels. :-(