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Friday, March 4, 2016

Wide Angle Panorama

Week 8 of 52 week challenge:

Week 8: WIDE ANGLE PANORAMA/LANDSCAPE.......merge together photos to create a sweeping landscape.

Went to the cemetery after a Dr. appointment this morning. It's a cloudy dreary March day here in Southern New England, but I figured I would make a panorama of the little pond at the local cemetery where you have seen me post frequent images made here on the blog.

I first took a series of six horizontal images which I stitched together using Lightroom.

I knew that stitching together horizontal images would create a narrow panorama. So I also merged together another 12 images which I shot in the vertical format.

You can see that this resulted in a wider panorama. However, next time I will try using more than 12 images in the vertical format to get a wider view of the scene.

I will also shoot a prettier scene with a nicer sky. I just didn't want to let another day go by without shooting a panorama for this challenge. I'm a week behind again.......but at least I have not given up and plan to still participate in all 52 weeks.

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