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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Kennedy's Garden Center, Scituate MA

Scituate is a lovely little coastal town, not far from where I live, and it's one of my favorite places to do landscape photography. I met up with some members of my camera club yesterday morning in Scituate......but this time it was for indoor photography at a garden center.

As I was driving there along beautiful Rte 123 in Norwell, I was thinking how depressing it looks outside right now. The snowbanks are at least four or five feet high, and they are filthy dirty rotten covered in black. Many of the beautiful historic homes along the road were so buried in snow you could not appreciate their beauty. It's been a very cold icy snowy winter here and I think we are all ready for Spring......Summer.......the beaches..........Aaaaaaahhhhhh. Yes. All of those things sound great right now!! So this "road trip" to the garden center is just what I needed!!!!!

Flowers!!!! Yes!!!! And it was in the 80' and humid in the greenhouses. Yes!!!!!!

I spent a lot of the time in the gift shop area. I LOVED seeing all of the pretty Spring and Summer and Beachy items!!!!!!

Starfish.......yes please! (And I bought some)

Sea shells!!!!

Love this little window display.

These furry little chicks are so adorable. I bought three of them.

I sound like a broken record.....seems like I say this every time I blog.....but we are expecting another 6 inches of snow here tonight.

Oh joy.

But actually it's not a bad thing for a few reasons.

1. What's six more inches anyways?
2, The fresh new snow will cover up the yucky dirty snow so at least it will be pretty and clean and sparkly tomorrow.

There's always a bight side, even if we have to look for's there!


  1. "Hot and Humid" ~ I'd forgotten that as it's been so long since the weather has been described in those terms! Thank you, Carol, for reminding us to look on the bright side. Your flower and shell photos will help us get closer to spring ~