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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Early Signs That Fall Is Approaching

I love the feeling of anticipation that I get this time of year. Each year in late August, as the days get shorter, and the temps get cooler (except for today which was 90 degrees here in SE MA), I always get a feeling of excitement....knowing that Fall, my favorite season, is just around the corner. It's hard to describe this feeling of anticipation. I suppose I could relate it to the feeling I got as a child, as the Christmas season approached.

I hope you noticed the Fall Countdown at the top of the page here. I love to count down the days each year!

We are in desperate need of rain here in SE MA. The ponds and lakes are very low, the grass is burned, and the trees appear a little stressed. The early turning trees that I keep an eye on each year, have already started turning's the earliest that I can remember. This makes me a bit worried about the upcoming foliage conditions here in Southern New England. I hope it's not a disappointing show of color around here.

On the other hand, conditions up in Northern New England are looking great!!! I am hopeful for another stellar show this year. Here is an image I shot last Sunday along Rte 91 as we were heading home to MA. You can see fog in the valleys......another reminder that Fall is just around the corner....and you can see some early season color changes in some of the trees!

Oh how these sights make me happy!!!!!!!!

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