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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ryleigh met her Great Grandparents today!!!!!

Ryleigh has had so many visitors. She is a very popular girl! Today was a very very special day for her, as she met all of her Great Grandparents.
These first two pictures were not taken by me.....I was not there at the time, so my Son In Law Steve took these pics for me. (Thanks Steve!)
Here is Great Nana Smith with Ryleigh:

And here is Great Grampa Smith! I love how Ryleigh's headband matches Grampa's sweater. She is a very fashionable girl!

The following pictures were all taken by me.
Here are Great Nana and Grampa White!

And here is the perfect little family!!!!!!



  1. These photos bring both a tear to my eye and a smile. Look at all the generations! Just amazing. These pictures tell us that family is what life is all about! The last photo is pure joy. Carol, what about a photo of you, Steve and Ryleigh???? :)

  2. Hi VT......Yes, will have to suck it up and do that one of these days (God I look much better behind the camera than I do in front of it!)
    Yes, family is what it's all about and is all that matters. We are blessed.