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Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's Mr. S's Day!

Happy Birthday Mr S!!!!!!! We had a wonderful dinner tonight to celebrate Mr S's Birthday. We went to Giannaros in's his favorite restaurant. I can't remember the last time we all had dinner together in a restaurant so it was extra special to have all 3 kids and of course Miss J's bf to all be there.

Tomorrow is my surgery so I won't be getting out to take photos for a few days. Just indoor photos. It's probably a good thing. I think I need to stay away from the local farms for a while. I'm thinking that Mr Crankypants farmer called the police on me.......they put an APB out on me and my vehicle........and all of the local police are on the alert for a woman with multiple cameras who has a farm/manure fettish. Perhaps they think I'm a terrorist who is staking out the farms. I may be planning a terror plot involving tractors and manure....................

Stay tuned........ I'll still be photographing and blogging post surgery.........nothing's gonna stop me now!!!!!!


    That cake looks delicious...they have the BEST
    homeade desserts!!!
    We will have to try and go there again someday.

  2. Happy Birthday to the Mr. and good luck to you, Carol! Hope all goes well!