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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Top Of The Mornin' To You!

Happy belated St. Patricks Day! I met up with some fellow members of my camera club to take some photos at a local St. Patricks Day Parade. I've been viewing this parade for years, and it's always a sure sign of Spring for me. Watching it today brought back so many memories of years past. The kids used to want to take up a viewing spot each year by one of the sewer drains along the side of the road.........well, because.......The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live down there you know!

The Abington MA St Patrick's Day Parade is one of small town tradition . At the end of the parade each year is a sign that says “The end of a $10 bet.” The very first Abington parade started when Jack Bailey, a local business owner, made a 10 dollar bet with a friend that there would indeed be a St Patricks Day parade in town. Mr. Bailey was originally planning on just decorating one of his trucks and driving around town as a joke to win the bet, but like any small town, word spread and other people wanted to get involved. There were about 50 vehicles that drove through town, with people lining the streets to celebrate St Patricks Day. This was in 1980. Since then, there’s been a parade every year. There is now a judging booth and competitions for the best float, best decorated vehicle and best band.
Did you know that the first year St. Patrick's Day was celebrated in America was in 1737 in Boston, Massachusetts?
                                                                     The Specs:
Nikon D90, 18-200mm VR lens, ISO 320, 1/2000, f4.8 and a "corny" green vignette added in post just because! :-)

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