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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Night sky At Newfound Lake, New Hampshire

As you probably heard, it was predicted that The Northern Lights would be visible throughout New England on Sunday night/early Monday morning. I headed up to Newfound Lake in NH with two of my friends to try to capture the event. We left Quincy MA around 5:30 PM and arrived at the lake around 8PM in time to find a decent North facing location to set up for shooting. We also captured a lovely sunset as an added bonus.

The "peak" prediction time for the Aurora was 11 PM-2 AM, so we knew we had a long night ahead of us. We were fortunate to have a clear least for a while......and were able to capture the Northern end of The Milky Way. The galactic center was in the sky behind us to the South, but we didn't have a clear Southern view of the sky from where we were set up.

I question if the color seen here along the horizon is light pollution or actually Northern Lights? My friend and fellow photographer whom I was with thinks that this was a small show of the Aurora. I would like to think so, but not totally sure myself.

We had some fun while waiting......including a visit from a "ghost" :-)

Unfortunately, by midnight the clouds had totally taken over and we knew that if the Aurora presented itself that the cloudy skies would prohibit our ability to see it. So we packed up and headed home. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I'm glad we can't get the photos unless you put yourself in the right place to get them. Sometimes it works out, and sometimes not but unless you try, you will never know. 


  1. You're right, Carol: f/8 and be there.

  2. And you were there to see & capture the black & twinkling sky! You had the 'Thrill of the Hunt' & are showing us the glorious Milky Way! I think you were the 'ghost'! Great camera trick!

  3. Nice pictures
    I recognize the Northern lights by their wiggle. Alas, I didn't see them here in Vermont this time around.