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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Plymouth County Farm/Petting Zoo

One day last week I had a Nana and Ryleigh day. Ryleigh could choose anyplace to go that day.......her choice?......"I want to go to a farm". This kid loves farms and farm animals.....she's a little clone of her Nana and I love it!

It was my first time visiting the Plymouth County Farm. Unfortunately, most of the animals were not there yet. I was told by one of the workers that it was still too cold for them, and more animals would be arriving in a week or two, as the temperatures warmed up. We did get to see some goats and chickens.

This goat was so content to scratch an itch.....

She just loves to see the farm animals.....

This image was processed using Topaz Texture Effects.....

A fun day and will return this Summer for sure.

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