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Monday, June 29, 2015

Family Portraits at Webb Park in Weymouth MA

Day 90 /365

 I know I'm several days behind on my daily blog posts and will catch up later this week.......we had a wonderful few days up in Vermont and I'll be posting some Vermont photos this week.......but today is all about some family portraits that I recently took.

This is Elizabeth. She is an adorable little nugget with the most beautiful blue eyes. ***Cuteness alert***. She is precious!

Elizabeth didn't want to smile for my camera for some reason......but that's ok !!

It was  VERY windy on the day we shot these pictures. This is my friend Amy, her husband Mark, and of course pretty little Elizabeth.

Here is Amy's sister Terri and her husband Dave

Their two beautiful kids Gianna and David

I had soooo much fun with them. They are an awesome family!

Thank you Amy for sharing your wonderful family with me!!!! xxooo


  1. Thanks for doing these, Carol. You are a terrific photographer! XO

  2. You're welcome!! Thank you!!