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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Sparrow, Jenny Pond Swans, and the Abington Swan Nest

Days 73. 74, 75/365

Day 73

Blogging three days here on this post. Here is a pretty little sparrow taken at the pond in Rockland the other day:

Day 74

Went to Jenny Pond in Plymouth MA this weekend and found this adorable Swan family:

How adorable is this signet?

Day 75

On the other hand, still waiting for the arrival of the signets in Abington. Mom was adding more materials to the nest today. 

And she was doing some preening

She stood up just for a few seconds long enough to show me the eggs

Dad was nowhere around when I was there today.  These eggs should be hatching any time now and I can't wait to see the signets.

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  1. It's such a pleasure to view your intimate photos of the swan families. How nice of them to stagger the hatching times so we can have a longer time to see the babies! So cute!