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Monday, March 10, 2014

What a big girl!!!!! :-)

Ryleigh has not appeared on the blog for a while so I figured I'd let you know what is going on with her.
First of all, she sits up all by herself!!!! She also has already gotten her first tooth. She is eating baby food. Sweet Potatoes are her favorite. She is forever smiling and she is forever melting my heart.
This better not be the look to come whenever she sees Nana with her camera. It's kind of like an "oh no" look! *wink*

But naaaaah.......she loves Nana's camera and loves to give Nana her pretty smiles! :-)

These were taken this afternoon. Can you see the little bit of hair that's growing in? Can you see the color of her eye brows and eye lashes???? 
Did you know that only 1% of the population has red hair and blue eyes?????



  1. She's so darn cute I could just bite those cheeks and her eyes are soooo blue.....she's a ray of sunshine! We have been blessed!

  2. Dear Carol, I couldn't help but reply, she is adorable! And I'm partial to redhead, blue eyed children, being one my self (color is still holding at 61 yrs!) And having several children and grandchildren with that coloring. When my daughter Abbie was born with that coloring I was told she had "celestial" hair. Love it, she's a gem!

  3. Yes Diane, we sure have been blessed!
    Hi Janice......glad you are still holding onto your red hair. :-0) Thanks a bunch for stopping by here and commenting.