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Friday, June 29, 2012

Tonight's Sunset

I had to pick Jay up in Hanover at 8:00 tonight. The sky on the way home was amazing. As I was driving along, I was looking for a place to pull over to take a few photos, but there was no place to stop. The sky was changing by the minute, and I was driving like a maniac to get to the pond in Rockland. It was the closest place I could think of where I might be able to get a shot. Each turn in the road.....each clearing in the horizon......the sky was getting better and better. I think I started yelling "Oh my God!!!" and my palms were sweating at one point.
I may or may not have started swearing.
I frightened Jay a little. He thinks his mother has issues.
I got to the pond in Rockland, jumped out of the car and I was able to capture the last gasp of the sunset. It wasn't as dramatic as the previous 5-8 minutes, but it was still pretty nonetheless.

I like the contrast in black and white for this one as well.

Thanks Jay. :-0)


  1. Awesome photos Carol! Kaitlyn and I were out tonight and driving towards the setting sun. We were commenting how beautiful the sun and the whole sky looked. I'll have to show her these pics.

  2. Yes, wasn't it amazing? I so wish I was set up and able to capture the whole thing. The sky literally was changing by the the seconds......and each turn in the road when the sunset was visible was more breathtaking than the minute before. Glad I was able to catch at least the tail end of the show! Glad you like the pictures and hope Kaitlyn likes them too.

  3. So awesome. Wish I could catch a sunset like that.

  4. Thanks KB. I hope you get a beautiful sunset soon. You deserve it! :-)

  5. Wowser! Well worth the swearing. ;-)

  6. Ha Tracy! I think you're right! Thanks for the comments.