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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Waiting Game

Today was a day of waiting. And waiting. Waited all day to find out from the surgeon if my Dad was going to be operated on or not. As of now, there will be no surgery. Things could change. Sigh.
After spending 12 hours at the hospital (8 of them working like crazy and also waiting for the surgeon to call my extension which never happened GGGGRRRR) and the last 4 visiting with my Dad, I drove my Mom home. She needed a load of laundry to be put on. (She doesn't do the Dad's in the cellar and she's too unsteady on her feet to be going up and down the stairs)
NOTE TO SELF: Call a plumber to come and fix the utility sink in the cellar. I didn't know until after I started the laundry, that I was going to have to stand beside the washing machine to make sure the water from the 2 rinse cycles didn't overflow all over the floor. Seems something has been wrong with the drain lately.
It didn't overflow.
I know this as a fact.
I stood there and watched.
Hence, today's photo of the day.
Will update on my Father again tomorrow.

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