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Monday, February 21, 2011

A rose for my Dad

I had just gotten home from work this afternoon and was playing around with the roses, a spray bottle of water, and my camera. Then the phone rang.................
I had to take my Dad to the ER. Not to get into the details, but he was admitted and I just got home. This is his second hospital admission in a matter of weeks. I didn't mention his last admission here on the blog. Don't really know why I'm mentioning this one either, but I'm tired.
 Must be why.
 Also, a few good prayers wouldn't hurt so if you're the praying kind, would appreciate if you could throw one up there for us. My father was telling the ER nurses that my mother prays good.. :-) He prays too but she seems to pray better than him. :-)
Will keep you updated. I know some of my cousins read my blog on a regular basis. Please don't worry. I'll keep you posted.

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