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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Kancamagus Highway Scenic Overlooks

The Kancamagus Highway is a 34 mile scenic highway that travels through the White Mountains from Lincoln NH to Conway NH. I photographed this area on October 15th with a few friends. We knew the area would be past peak.....especially at the higher elevations.....but no matter what the conditions, beauty always abounds here.

There are a few scenic overlooks along this road, offering some of the most beautiful views in New England.

The Hancock Overlook:

The Pemigewaasset Overlook:

My friend David....

The CL Graham Wangan Overlook:

The Sugar Hill Overlook:

A six image panorama:


  1. Stunning photographs. The landscapes there are so beautiful they can give a person the feeling of being in a dream.

    1. I agree May. It is almost a surreal feeling to see these spectacular views. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. Have a wonderful day!

  2. What great scenes, Carol. Thanks for sharing. The Kanc really does have some beautiful views.

  3. Very nice work!

    You know, now having been to each of these overlooks, it brings viewing the images to another level as I have some context for compositional options (etc.)

    P.S. Where's David's tripod? :)

    1. Thank you Kerry. I actually was thinking of you during this day trip.....I was thinking about how different the colors must have been during your visit compared to mine, about a week and a half later than yours. I'm looking forward to seeing your images from this area. P.S..........Ha ha......David is a fantastic photographer who uses a tripod almost exclusively. This was taken after he stepped out of the car and was surveying the area!