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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Mansfield Old Country Store

There seems to be less and less country stores around New England these days. It always makes me sad to hear of a country store closing it's doors for good. Today I took a ride with my good friend Nancy I to Mansfield MA, to check out the Old Country Store and Emporium,

You have to drive a silver vehicle to be allowed to shop here. Luckily I do. :-)

I loved every nook and cranny of this place. It is a whole lot bigger than it looks from the outside. There are so many different rooms to browse through. You could spend hours looking around in this adorable old country store. One of my favorite rooms is located in the front of the store. There is an old fashioned candy counter with every kind of candy and home made fudge imaginable. 

My friend Nancy got so excited to look at the candy counter that she put her head down too quickly  and smashed it against the glass. The glass didn't shatter but I think she might have a head ache tonight. These are typical things that happen when chocolate is involved. We just can't control ourselves. I'm sure you can relate and understand. I bet you have gotten a concussion yourself due to chocolate excitement. It happens to the best of us.:-) 

Look at the wide plank wood floors. Love them!

 This is a great place to visit. Hope you can make it here sometime soon.

Hope your head doesn't hurt Nancy. If it does, just eat some chocolate. It will make you feel better. Ha!


  1. I feel better already.....nothing a few pieces(or maybe more than a few)of chocolate couldn't take care of. lol I loved our trip to the country store! Excuse me while I go have another piece!!