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Sunday, March 22, 2015

What Is Love?

Day 3/365

Love is family!!
 While I was at work today, my family (minus Jay because he was working too!) attended the St Patrick's Day Parade in my hometown. They walked down to the parade from my house......and when I got home from work I started working on dinner. Here they are coming up the driveway on their way home from the parade:

We celebrated Miss J's birthday today with cake and ice cream for dessert.'s all we need!!!!!!


  1. Couldn't agree more! We are blessed to have one another! It was such a nice day, thank you again for being such a wonderful "hostess of the mostest"! Love you and the new blog!

    1. Hi Shantal, thanks for commenting on the blog. It was so wonderful to spend time with you and those two little girls of yours yesterday.Yes, we are very blessed. I love you!!!! xxoo