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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Miss J's Baby Shower at The Olde Hitching Post Restaurant

This morning was Miss J's baby shower brunch which was held at The Olde Hitching Post Restaurant in Hanson MA. Lots of images to share, so let's cut to the chase, shall we?
Here are Miss J and Steve arriving:

How beautiful does she look? Sigh........

Just have to show you the cake. The cake!!!!! Oh my goodness look at this beautiful cake!!!!

Cake was made by Michelle Nolan:
And it was deeeelicious!!!!

"Grandmas's Cutie" Oh yes.......

Look at the moose!!!!! Oh yes, this baby will love Vermont and the Vermont wildlife just like the rest of us!!! (Thanks Nancy I!)

Do you think my Grandchild is going to be a red-head? You decide! :-)

Okay, now for a surprise. A very big surprise. I found out about this two days ago.........
Chef Gordon Ramsey from "Kitchen Nightmares" was scheduled for a follow-up visit to the restaurant during today's baby shower. His film crew and producer where there the entire time......all of our guests were asked to sign waivers in case we are going to be shown on TV........Chef Ramsey was late, and he arrived after half of our guests went home.
Here he is upon his arrival:

He immediately came into the room with us, along with his camera crew, and spoke to us...... asked us questions.....spoke to Miss J and Steve......and......get this...... he told me I am too young looking to be a Grandmother. I knew I liked that man!!! LOL

Not everyone gets a celebrity and camera crew to come to their baby shower. Nothing but the best for Miss J and my Grandbaby!!!!! *wink*
It was a beautiful day!!!!!


  1. love the pictures! I had the most amazing day today! Thank you for everything!! We love you!

  2. Oh Miss J, I love you and Steve, and that little baby of yours sooooo much!!! I'm so happy that you had a good day. Have fun playing with all of your new things! :-)xxoo

  3. Loved this! What a great story and photos!!!

  4. These pictures are great!! Such a fun day and Jacquie looks
    beautiful! So glad the moose made the blog! lol
    It won't be long now!

  5. Thanks Nancy. The moose will be loved. I just know it! :-)