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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Showdown: Goose vs Man

Okay, so this title is a little bit misleading. My last blog post was Swan vs Goose so I just couldn't help myself to title this post the way I did.
Here's the story. I was out shooting the Abington swans and geese the other day with a couple of my camera club friends. I brought them to the cemetery to photograph the geese and goslings. They were hanging out along a grassy road beside the pond. My buddy Wayne decided to go around to the other side from where I was photographing to get a different perspective. He was using his long lens (I believe it's 400 mm but I'm not a Canon girl so I don't pay much attention) *grin*. This allowed him a safe distance from the geese family wthout intruding their space or upsetting them. (As you now, the adults are VERY PROTECTIVE of their babies)
Wayne is awonderful wildlife photographer and he knows how to handle himself while shooting wildlife like a pro.
Here is where Wayne was shooting from:

See? He was a nice distance away from the geese. In fact, he was so unobtrusive that the geese didn't even know he was there.
They began heading his way and I got just a little bit worried....

The standoff:

Wayne did the right thing. He remained calm and din't make any sudden moves:

Dad didn't feel threatened and the family went off on their merry way. Whew!

Oh happy day!!!! :-)

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  1. Ha!

    Good thing Dad didn't feel threatened - those geese can be ornery!