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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Osmore Pond Groton State Forest

It seems like forever ago that I posted a blog about Groton State Forest, which I stated that the next few blogs would be about different places within GSF. Well, other things happened and before I knew it, I was blogging about those other things. Now I'm back on track and would like to continue to tell you and show you some more of the beautiful places in GSF, located in Groton VT.
This was my first trip into Osmore Pond. There was a gate located at the entrance to the road with a Forest Ranger stationed there who was collecting the three dollar per person entrance fee. We then drove the long narrow dirt road through the forest to get to Osmore Pond. It was a beautiful drive to the pond. When we arrived, I was happy to see a very nice open air covered picnic area with many picinic tables and a beautiful stone fireplace at one end. This is where Mr S and I ate our lunch that day. There were also well maintained rest rooms here.........always an added bonus. :-0) But, the main attaction was the pond. It was peak and it was beautiful! Again, the skies were cloudy but there was virtually no wind which made for some beautiful reflections.

It was so peaceful. Mr. S and I were the only two people there the entire time.
 I cherish these memories!
More from our day at Groton Stae Forest coming soon!!

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