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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Orleans County Fair and more from Vermont

As you know, I love the Fall. There are many things that remind me that summer is nearing an end and that Fall is just around the corner, and those signs were very apparent on my recent trip to VT a few weeks ago. Each year we attend the Orleans County Fair in Barton VT, and this always signals the end of summer for me. The temps always seem to dip on this weekend and there is always a Fall feel to the air. Sweatshirts were needed once the sun set, and morning temps were in the 40's with a blanket of fog in the valleys and dancing on the ponds and lakes at sunrise. The crickets were chirping during daytime hours.These are all sure signs that Fall is just around the corner.......and I love it.
Here are a few pictures from the Fair. It's always such a fun evening for us.
The fair food is probably disgusting and we all know that it's unhealthy......but damn it smells good!
Saturday evening ended with a Josh Grayson concert (American Idol finalist) He's a great country singer and put on a very good show.
 We took a few drives looking for moose. My son N really wanted to find a moose for his girlfriend Melissa, and wouldn't you know, he found her one! It was a cow moose (female) along Rte 16 E (Willoughby Lake Road) in Barton. We drove right past her, but N spotted her and we backed up to see her. She was amazing but she didn't stick around long enough for me to get any pictures of her. She was camera shy. :-) Here's one of her cousins that we saw. Certainly not as exciting as a moose, but pretty nonetheless.
I love the early morning fog this time of year. Notice the blanket of fog in the valley from this image taken on Hinton Hill Road in Westmore.
I am also drawn to photograph the beautiful old New England churches. This is the Westmore Community Church located along Rte 5A by Lake Willoughby in Westmore. I loved the flowers which were in the road island at the corner of Rte5A and Hinton Hill Road so I placed them in the forefront of the church image,'s all I need! :-)


  1. Love a good moose quest!! And some very pretty photos came out of that outing. <3 Melissa

  2. Awww thanks Melissa! Glad you had a good moose quest. Hopefully next time N will spot a great big bull moose for you......and I'll have my camera ready to get the shot! :-)

  3. Amazing pics Carol..Your pics have inspired me so much over the last several years and still do.Keep up the great work !!
    Chris Charalabous

  4. Thank you so much Chris. It is great to hear from you. I just visited your website. WOW! I am humbled to think that I have inspired you. Right back at you! You have some amazing stuff, and I will never tire of your owl images. Thank you so much for stopping by. Will you be coming down to VT this Fall?

  5. Hi Carole.
    Thank you for the kind words and great to hear from you...I will be heading to Vermont in a few weeks. I am taking my boys apple picking. Hopefully I get to take some Fall pics . Vermont has become our comfort zone. We usually go every month or so and its even more special in the fall time. Do you still have the FZ8? I remember the amazing pics that you would post with this camera ( the one thats stuck in my head and possibly my all time favorite pics is the man fishing on the pond).