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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Seven and a half weeks later........

Today was a milestone which I quite honestly wasn't sure we would ever see. Look where my Dad went today:
I had the Dr. write him an order to go out today for a few hours. It was called a psycho-social leave.
Not sure who needed a psycho leave the most, but it could have been me. Or my sister Nancy. Yeah, it was her. No wait......this was about my Dad. We must leave our own issues aside. Sorry.
So, yes, we took a ride to Nantasket Beach. The parking God's were looking down on me, and I got a handicapped spot with a bench right there just waiting for my Dad to sit on and breathe in the good fresh Atlantic air.....feel the breeze, hear the sounds of the waves and the seagulls, and smell the salty air.

Of course, Mom was THRILLED to be sitting beside the love of her life at one of their favorite places.
I have to share this image  because I just love the body language:

I have something very special to tell you about this next image. See the nail polish on my sister Nancy's toes?

Well, she bought that nail polish in 1999 and it's still useable today....get doesn't even have any clumps. How do yah like that!!
Okay, back to the day. After we left the beach, we stopped for ice creams and Dad ate his entire dish of ice cream.
He was exhausted when we brought him back, and he went right to bed to lie down. It was a great day!!!


  1. Oh, Carol, a great day, indeed! Your parents are ADORABLE!!!! I can only hope that hubby and I still share that kind of love when we are their age. So sweet!

    Re: the nailpolish. I have a few old colors as well. Hard to let go of them, isn't it? :-)

  2. Thanks for the comments Tracy. I have a feeling that you and hubby will still be hand in hand at this age. :-)
    The nail polish was a hoot. :-) Yes, it is hard to let go when you find a good color.

  3. So glad you were able to take your dad to the beach. Sometimes a day like that does more than any medicine can do. They are the all the pictures!!!

    ps. nice color on those toes!!

  4. Carol, this is a happy to see these beautiful pictures!!

  5. Thanks Nancy. Glad you liked the toes too. :-)

  6. Thanks MaryC. I didn't think we'd ever see this, but life is unpredictable for sure!

  7. So glad for your dad and mom.

  8. Hi, This is a wonderful milestore thanks for sharing it with us.

    Love the nail polish color!

    Christine R.

  9. Thanks Christine. It's great to hear from you and I'll be sure to tell Nancy you love the color. :-)

  10. Carol,
    When it comes to parents,I often wished my Dad was still here, I enjoy moments with my mother and grandchildren. I did not get to say bye to Dad he died so quickly.
    This a beautiful picture and you tell a story so nicely that have always enjoyed your blog. I have to work on mine big time.
    ENJOY every moment with your parents