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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Day In The Life

Hi everyone. Hope all is well with you. A few people have commented to me that they miss my blogs. (It's kind of nice to be missed in the blog world)
I honestly have had nothing to share with you and have not even picked up the Nikon in about 6 weeks. A few months ago I vowed to myself that in this phase of the blog I was only going to share my best work.
 No snapshots.
 Well folks, that's about to change, as I am living in a snapshot kind of world these days.
Due to popular demand (yes I know you have missed me, come on admit it) I decided to share with you a day in the life of me.
Here we go:
"Hi Mom, you don't mind sitting in the backseat today, do you?"

By the way, I hope you all can excuse the mess in my car. I never seem to be able to keep my car clean. Must work on that. Some other day.

Here we go driving through Dorchester/Lower Mills. I am really impressed with all of the renovations done to this area. It looks great.

This bridge along the Arborway is doing a number on Frita. (Frita is my car in case you don't remember) Frita is going to need a front end alignment from driving on this God-forsaken bridge day after day. The potholes are numerous, and in some cases, the cement is so far gone that you can see that metal mesh stuff that goes under the concrete and holds the bridge together. Okay, I'm not sure if it holds the bridge together or not, but whatever it is, I would think it should not be visible as you're driving over it. I don't have any pictures of the potholes because I had to focus on the road. There is a no texting while driving law in the state of Massachusetts, but is there a no picture taking while driving law? I didn't think so......

The wheels on the bus go round and round........We see lots of wheels, big bus wheels, little bike wheels

I have become a pretty darn good city driver . Yessiree......I can cut people off and run yellow lights just as good as the rest of them.
I'm lying.
No I'm not.
I seriously have picked up some pretty bad driving habits.
See this trolley coming at me? It doesn't scare me one bit. I can drive within 2 inches of that trolley coming at me without going into a full blown panic attack. How do you like that!

Here we have arrived at the Brigham and Womans Hospital in Boston. I turn right here under this overhang and leave Frita with the valet drivers.

This is the spot where I should be posting a picture either of my fathers hospital room, or of the view out the window of his room. But, being the wonderful focused photographer that I am, I forgot to take any pictures in his room. I must have been having too much fun.
Which leads us to the next image. This is the valet driver bringing Frita back to us.

Here's an abandoned building we drive past every day. This is how it goes:
My sister Nancy: "That building is condemned you know".
Me: "How do you know?"
Nancy: "Because it has a big red X on it".
My Mother: "That used to be the Boston Police Station".
This happens every. Single. Day.
Day after day after day...........

We're safely back to Braintree. Bye bye Mom. Love you. See you tomorrow..............

"Oh shitskabobs and onion skins."
All images taken with the Panasonic LX3


  1. I am soo proud of you Carol.......navigating all those Boston streets by yourself!!!

  2. Thanks Nancy. I knew you would understand. :-)