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Saturday, February 11, 2012

What a wimp!!!

Happy Saturday!! I hope you are enjoying your weekend. How about the snowstorm we got here in SE MA today???? NOT!!!!!! The forecasters finally got us excited with the prospect of snow, and then the storm wimped out on us. As I looked out the window at work today, it was snowing.......but it wasn't sticking to anything. I say if it's gonna snow......then at least it should make everything all pretty and white, right? None of this wet snow flurry business that doesn't even stick to the limbs of the trees.
It's just wrong!.........
Okay, now that I am off my no snow rant, I will share with you a snowy image.......taken back in the days when it really did snow in the wintertime in New England.
Those were the days..........

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