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Thursday, February 16, 2012


As of last evening, there was a possibility of us getting a snowstorm this weekend, here in Southern New England. Sigh......tonight's report is the storm is going to go out to sea south of us. No snow. Again.
Sooooooo, I went through my files from the very little snow we have gotten this winter, and processed this shot for today's photo of the day. This was taken at Wollaston Beach in Quincy MA in the early morning. That's the Boston skyline in the background (for those of you not from this area.)
This weather is sucking the life out of my photographic vision. I just don't have it in me to get out and take pictures when the world out there is blah, grey, and lifeless.
I am planning on attending a program next week about how to find your inner spirit and bring it out in your photography. I always thought I knew what my inner spirit was, and I thought I was bringing it out in my photos, but I'm hoping there's more of an inner spirit that I haven't found yet.......and if so.........I can't wait to find it! Either that, for the love of God.........can we pleeeease get some snow around here?????? :-)
34 days 'till Spring.......yes, I'm still counting. :-)


  1. In the snapshot, the yacht club u captured had a fire just last week. I don't think it was anything major.
    Miss you very much. I look forward to being back "home" soon

    Love Mary B

  2. I miss you too Mary, and can't wait for you to get back to us where you belong. Stay strong and I'll see you very soon. Love yah!!!