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Friday, January 6, 2012

Thank you!!!!

I'd like to thank all of you very much for voting for Kaitlyn and Joe in the cutest couple contest. We gave it our best shot, but another couple pulled through at the end with more votes. Kaitlyn and Joe ae very grateful for all of the votes they received!!!!
Sooooooo............I never break a promise........and I DID promise you that I was going to post some amazing pictures this weekend as a way to thank you all....(OMG the pressure is on me now....yikes!!!!!!) I will post an image tonight of what is hopefully going to help me in my endeavor to get some awesome pictures. Here it is. It's big. It's large. It's heavy. It's rented. I don't own this thing but I rented it for the weekend. Here it is:

I've never shot with such a big lens this ought to be interesting.
It's a Nikon 300 mm F4 lens. I wanted to rent something bigger and better.....but price prohibited me from doing the 300 mm lens it is!!!! It was affordable to rent, and it gives me more reach than I now have. I go tomorrow morning, with the big lens in tow.......stay tuned........

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  1. Can't wait to see pictures with this lens!