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Friday, November 4, 2011

Pink sky at night.........

Day 218/Year 2
More from the other evening at Luddam's Ford Park in Hanover MA. These images were taken as the daylight was ending. I was really hoping to get a nice sunset and wanted to try to get some shots of the waterfall with a colorful sky behind it.
I went up on the bridge and shot this. The sky wasn't looking too promising at this point.

But then.....the sky started to change colors after the sunset. (This is usually THE BEST time for sunset shots.....AFTER the sun has set........the sky can turn some brilliant colors so don't leave once the sun goes down. Stick it out for a short time and you may get a nice surprise)

The pinks were coming on strong......

My final image of the night.......I got what I was hoping for.....just love when that happens!


  1. Some of these pictures don't even look real... they are soooooo awesome.

  2. Thanks KB. I was pleased with them. I used a neutral density filter and a very slow shutter speed to give the water the "milky smooth blur". So glad you liked them.